Our commissioning process is comprehensive

Because of our extensive experience working in residential, commercial and industrial settings, we understand the common pit falls during the commissioning process of lighting control systems in these environments. Our lighting control system commissioning process consists of eight steps:

1. System design consulting: We'll review your design to ensure that it aligns with your requirements and project objectives. We may suggest design improvements or modifications, if needed. From there, we'll source cost-effective products from your choice of manufacturers.

2. System programming: We can set up and program your lighting control system based on specific requirements, including time schedules, occupancy or vacancy scenarios, daylight harvesting and other factors.

3. Site inspections: We'll conduct regular site visits to oversee the lighting installation process, ensuring that it aligns with the design and complies with safety standards. We are well-versed in local energy code (IECC / ASHRAE) compliance and have extensive experience dealing with other contractors in the Kutztown, PA in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding Philadelphia metro area.

4. Troubleshooting and issue resolution: If any issues arise during the commissioning process, we'll diagnose them and provide guidance on rectification.

5. Testing and validation: We'll conduct thorough testing to ensure that all components and systems function as intended, as well as meet the specified performance criteria.

6. Documentation: Once we finish the project, we'll send you documentation and punch-list items that outline the next steps in the process, if applicable. We can also complete LEED testing, if needed.

7. Training: We can train end-users upon request to ensure that they know how to operate and manage your lighting control system.

8. Energy efficiency consultation: We can help you optimize your lighting system for maximum energy efficiency so you can reduce your energy costs and your overall environmental impact.

If you have any questions about our lighting control system commissioning process, don't hesitate to reach out.